Snow Day!

8 inches of snow fell overnight. This is what we woke up to this morning! Beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Everything was closed today.


I discovered this when I went out to feed the chickens early this morning. The snow is so heavy that it took down most of the chicken wire fencing; even bending one of the metal t-posts to the ground! Not a big deal right now—the chickens free range during the winter. We’ll need to make repairs before the neighboring fields are sown with seed.


See the bent post at the back of the little snow cave?

Our hardy Buckeye hens are NOT afraid of 9 inches of snow!

Our hardy Buckeye hens are NOT afraid of 8 inches of snow!



And speaking of seed, Spring IS coming! Here’s the evidence—we have a broody Buckeye hen—she’s sitting on about a dozen eggs right now. Also, we have pepper and tomato seedlings started and enjoying the warmth of the pellet stove in the living room with us.


We took a short break from the work for a little play time just before lunch. Xena loves the snow! The cold energizes her and she goes crazy running and burrowing into it with her nose. She especially loves it when ‘Daddy’ rough houses with her!

DaddyXena Xena snow

After lunch we decided that we’d work on trading out the disaster of a ceiling fan we inherited with the house. Of course, no home improvement project ever goes as planned! One thing led to another: the box was not supported on one side and so, not sturdy enough to hold the heavier fan we were given. We began to poke and prod around trying to find a way to either get the old box out and put a more supportive one in or brace the other side of the existing one. (And all without taking down all the drywall in the ceiling! So instead we had to take out a few floorboards in the bedroom above and suddenly a seemingly simple project has evolved into 3 or 4 connected projects! All projects that were on our list to tackle—just not all at once!

It will eventually all come together.  In the meantime we had a full, purposeful snow day!




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