It Takes A Little Effort

Choices, freedom, food safety, biotechnology, terrorism; these words floating this morning, buzzing like bees around the room and inside my head. More and more each day, we are assaulted by news articles, blog posts, and Facebook updates giving us information about what is going on around us: things that sound like they are out of a spy novel or at least things that must be happening in another remote country.


This morning I was met on my Facebook page with multiple headlines leading to stories about GMO crops, Monsanto, and drone technology. So, how real is the threat? Is it just more propaganda floating out there to mislead us; to put us in a constant state of terror? Then the terrorism is on our soil? Real or not, I believe it is a wake-up call.


I am reminded of a great blog post from Live Nakedly that I reposted here a few weeks ago. We cannot ‘beat’ them by taking the fight to them; ‘they’ are bigger, stronger, and more powerful—kinda like trying to eradicate a noxious weed—you may pull them out here only to have them pop up over there!


We scream, we cry, we protest, we throw our tantrums. We want change! We want a choice! We want GMO food labeled! We want to choose what we eat! So, . . . . DO it. (Yes, it requires that we get up from the couch or the computer chair and do things for ourselves rather than relying on buying everything we need from someone else.) For now, we HAVE the choice! Grow your own, buy seasonally and locally. Get to know the people you buy from at the farm market. Talk to them! Many of them don’t actually grow all they sell—they buy stuff in—ask!! Skip the grocery store, or at least know what’s in the products that you buy. It’s not as tough as you may think. Don’t buy the hype on the front of the package, read the label. If it has corn, soy, canola or cotton in it—it is a GMO! (Try to find local meat sources and ask questions! Most animals are fed GMO grains! And, yes that includes the eggs.) Skip the packaging altogether—buy food in the packages nature put it in! Cook from scratch. Learn to forage. Learn to hunt. Learn to make your own herbal medicines. If you can’t grow, forage, hunt, make or find someone who does; learn to do without!


Find like-minded people in your local area who can share the teaching of so many skills that we have lost. Watch, learn, teach, share. Get to know your neighbors! For now, we have the internet. Use it; be a sponge, soak up all the knowledge you can. Don’t just read, though, . . . do. Scour the libraries—they are treasuries of older books that teach the skills so many of us have lost. Talk to local seniors who still remember. Connect with real live, skin-on people! We live too much of our lives online socially—I am guilty of this myself—that’s the first thing we need to change if we intend to make a difference out there.


And maybe most importantly, do all of these things but without a sense of panic and worry. We cannot control what is happening around us, but we do have control over how we handle it. Do all of these things with a sense of fun, wonder, play and adventure! Never forget that this is your life! It may not turn out to be what you had hoped and planned for; but it can still be amazing!

As for me, I’m off to the kitchen to work on learning to make cheese!



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