Inspiration To Keep Moving

Alright, I said we’d be visiting pond ideas today, but reality is I had a horrible week at work and simply don’t have the energy to pull the pond article together!  We all have those weeks, right?  For me this week; I was expected to continue my regular work of feeding 180 students and staff at the preschool where I am cook/server/kitchen manager/dishwasher while also preparing pasta for 614 souls for a full take-home meal on Thursday.  Then again in 2 weeks for Valentine’s Day I am expected to feed ALL the parents breakfast along with the kids and do it 45 minutes earlier than usual!  ARRRRG!  Am I the only one tired of killing myself for peanuts while being expected to do the work of 4 people??!!!!!

So, enough of the rant!  I am inspired lately by some amazing people doing some amazing things with their time and energy.  Check out Ron Finley and his food forest in South Central LA.  He is growing veggies in the space between the sidewalk and the street in one of the worst neighborhoods in LA.  Check out his website LA Greengrounds.  They hook up volunteers with people who want to learn how to grow their own and together they make gardens happen.

I would love to do something like that here where I live and I’m going to work in the next few weeks to see if I can hook up with some people I know of like-mind and make it happen this spring.  Can we all pitch in and make something great happen where we are?  The reality is the economy and job situation are not going to get any better.  The only way to ‘beat’ the situation is not to play the game anymore.  Can’t make more money?  Then figure out how to need less of it–grow your own food and medicine.  Actually, the more home-grown organically grown food you eat, the less medicine you will need too!

This is just one of many, many inspiring stories out there.  Do you have a favorite one?  Please share the links in the comments section.  We CAN change the world by working for positive change rather than caving in to the world around us!  It is a geometric progression–train one person, and they train one and the chain goes on and on, . . .


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