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Live Nakedly

Our calendar turns the page, so that we start at the top once more.  Though each day represents a full rotation around the sun, we only mark it on January 1.  If we celebrated each individual day, how might life look?  The Mayan long count could have used pages and saved many people from unnecessary, even foolish, stress.  Perhaps a lack of paper had something to do with that.

December 21st came and went; humanity is still here.  The Mayans merely “turned a page,” perhaps not literally.  Is there significance to this?  Is there significance to any “new” year?  Or is it merely a number or a glyph stretching today into tomorrow?

People I know have said the “Mayan shift” signified a move away from dominance to cooperation in the global sphere.  Looking at the state of the world and the power structure that allows such dominance, I’m uncertain that…

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