Misty Early Morning

We arrived home too late to water last night.  Jason tried, but it was just too dark to see.  So I got up at 5 this morning and was out there with a hose at 5:30.  It’s so quiet and peaceful very early in the mornings.  The mist was rolling in across the fields and the sun was just beginning to peak over the trees, very pink this morning.  The air was heavy, Zeus was crowing.  As the water was just puddling on the ground around the plants (t’s so sunbaked the water doesn’t really soak in; I have to come back 2 or 3 times to make sure the water gets to the roots), I tried to soak in the beauty around me.  Besides the sun rising over the trees, and the mist over the commercial fields; I noticed our neighbor’s red barn partially shrouded in the mist—an idyllic postcard.  One bird planted sunflower blooms crazily in the chicken yard—the chickens will love that in a few more weeks when the seeds drop!


Almost finished now; at 6:45am it’s already so hot that sweat is dripping down my face and my spine.  My clothing is sticking to me.  We are predicted to break more heat records today—the 10th straight day of triple digits.  Time to get the ‘waterpark’ set up for the chickens!


We are off to our local farm market in a couple of hours.  We have no extra produce—it’s tough to fill our prepaid orders with this drought; but Beth and I are taking some of our baked goodies and taking the opportunity to get out and meet and chat with customers and other local farmers.  Maybe I’ll join the chickens in their waterpark when the day is over??!!


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