If You Build It/Bake It, They Will Come


Xena, all ready to jump right in!



It’s been a whirlwind week here!  Jason and I have been playing around with ideas to get some water on the property for all the birds and beneficials we’re trying to attract.  Bonus if it could be something soothing and wonderful for us to look at as well.  We scored a preformed pond on Craigslist!  Sunday afternoon we decided on a site close to the front porch where we could enjoy it.  We dug the hole and placed it within a few hours and got it filled with water.  We plan on adding a ‘waterfall’ and of course plants and a couple of fish to get the environment properly balanced as well as a shallow beach where the birds can splash and get a drink.  For now, we were content to leave it to let the chlorine gas out before we move any further.  The soil we removed from the hole is still on the tarp, waiting to become the raised area for the waterfall—shovel still in place at the corner of the pile.  So as I came down the stairs in the morning, I glanced out the window and there was a beautiful little bluebird perched on the shovel handle! (Sadly it flew away before I could grab the camera—you’ll have to imagine the bird!)


Digging the pond

, . . . still digging the pond



Yesterday my daughter Beth and I drove to Kentucky to pick up some more Buckeye chicks!  (Do you think they have a group for people addicted to chickens? Chickens Anonymous?) These are the most curious, gentle chickens.  We got 7 more to add to the 4 we already have.  Hopefully, we will be able to hatch some eggs once they are laying and spread more Buckeye chicks out there. Buckeyes are supposed to be so cold hardy that they lay well even in the winter.  Note to self: must prepare chicken coop with plenty of windows for light in the winter.


5 weeks old



And Jason and I are out pounding the pavement looking for at least some part-time work, . . . my seasonal job is over and the work he had lined up fell through.   We’ll be setting up at farm market in a few weeks to make some extra cash to tide us over and that brings me to the next item in our busy week;


Tangy Lemon Pound Cake



I mentioned in the last post that Beth and I are starting a home-based bakery!  Work continues on that; perfecting our signature recipes and playing around with new ones.  Beth is working on a cappuccino cupcake.  She has the flavor down, but is working to make it a moister cake.  It has a cinnamony (yeah, not a word!) coffee flavor and is topped with a creamy white chocolate buttercream frosting. YUM!  I’m working on a tangy lemon pound cake; a light lemon flavored cake infused with a very tart, very lemon syrup.  I’ll share the technique for that one over the weekend on our new up and running blog!  We are ‘perfectly decadent’; we’d love you to stop by the blog and say hi!



4 thoughts on “If You Build It/Bake It, They Will Come

  1. How wonderful to be baking and selling your goods! I bet they just fly off the tables! and that wee pond will be just the thing, i always think that water is way more valuable to animals and birds that bird seed in bird feeders! c

  2. I agree! We have plenty of weed seeds and flowering perennials for the birds and bees right now. This morning, as I was heading downstairs for the day, I caught a bird taking a bath at ‘the beach’ end of the pond–sweet! I must start sleeping with my camera and carrying it along as I work.

  3. The baked goods look soooo yummy! Love the new little buckeyes – so cute…..and it’s called Chicken Math….that is how you end up with way more chickens than you intend. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your finished pond!

    • Thanks Natalie! Love that term–Chicken Math! Hmmm, . . . I never was very good at math–maybe that’s the problem?!

      Hopefully, we’ll be posting the finished pond soon; still tweaking a few things.

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