First Week on a ‘New’ Job?


Soon, . . . lots of blackberries!



Don’t ya just hate being the ‘new guy’ at work?  Learning the ropes, the procedures, trying to remember the names and faces, when is lunch, . . .?


But wait, . . . I don’t have to do that with this ‘new’ job!  My seasonal job at the garden center ended slightly sooner than I figured, but that just means that I get to work the mini-farm full time a little sooner! Yay!  As of today, I am on the farm full time (at least for the time being!).


As I was cleaning out the truck this morning, I found a little notebook that I carry around with me.  I had forgotten about it.  Inside I found a quote that I had scribbled on one of its pages:

            Men weary as much of not doing the things they want to do as of doing the things they do not want to do.   Eric Hoffer


This is what I want to do.  The morning work is done. While I wait for some bread in the oven, I thought I’d walk around the place and show you what catches my eye today.


A small portion of the market garden. Bean poles in the background. The area in the middle is on its way to being a birdbath and ‘beauty’ spot.

A closer look at the pole beans. We have 3 varieties: KY Wonder, Cherokee Trail of Tears, and Greasy Grits



The first thing that I notice—and you will see in nearly every picture—are weeds, lots and lots of weeds; many of them almost as tall as me!  Not to worry, they are actually on our ‘payroll’; doing their job of replenishing the soil.  I try not to let too many of them produce seed as we will be planting every inch of this place purposefully as we are able to.  For now though; their roots are reaching down and making air spaces, they are attracting pollinators, they are providing food for wildlife as well as the chickens.  They are growing in places that were completely barren last year!  The earth is healing herself!


The Buckeye chicks are almost as big as the Wyandottes! They will be 3 to 4 pounds heavier when fully grown.

Handsome guy!

Zeus claiming his area!



In the meantime, I was busy for a couple of hours this morning making sure that the weeds don’t overtake the market garden!  And yesterday, Jason gave me rototiller lessons!  We have a large rear-tine model and I managed to handle it, . . . barely!  I seriously need to work on arms and shoulders!  I’m sore today–but that will come with time.


Nasturtiums–beautiful to look at, tasty to eat; and they chase away pests as well–can a plant be more versatile?



I’ve also been busy baking.  My daughter Beth and I are working to get a home-based bakery business off the ground.  She needs to work from home while she raises her two little ones and I could use a little extra cash to fill in the gaps.  We will be debuting at the Germantown Farmer’s Market on Saturday, July 7th!  If you are local–stop by and see us!  (Raven Mist will be there with fresh produce as well!)  We are working on getting a website and blog up and running in time as well as a Facebook page–watch for it.  The blog will mainly be a photo blog to get your mouth watering, but we will share tips and recipes as well! 

Here’s a little sneak preview!

Welsh cakes–similar to a scone in texture. Not too sweet, just right with coffee or tea.

Blueberry Tartlets–mini, one bite blueberry pies! Beth makes amazing pie crust!

Goldfinger Blondies–these have the texture of a very moist brownie, but with a brown sugar, vanilla taste. This is an old recipe passed down through the generations.


6 thoughts on “First Week on a ‘New’ Job?

  1. Cogratulations on doing the farm full time! Wonderful, isn’t it, being your own boss! My mouth is watering, looking at those goodies.

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