What Goes Into A CSA Share

We get up at 6 am to harvest tender crops before the sun begins to bake them, then; oh wait, . . . it actually begins right after Christmas with the seed catalogs.  What shall we plant?


Fast forward to February; sprouting seeds in the house where it’s warm.  Fast forward to March; working the ground; getting the early crops in; spinach, lettuce, peas.  Juggling now; taking care of plants inside and outside.


1st pumpkin sprout!

Then the waiting, . . . are they sprouting yet? No, not yet. Today? Yes! Tiny sprouts begin to emerge.  Fast forward; are they big enough to harvest yet?  Is there enough of it to go around?


Decision, next week!


My reward for getting up at 6am–a mallard duck checking out the chicken yard!

NOW, it’s 6 am.  We get up, get a cup of coffee and head outside with knife, scissors and baskets to harvest what’s ready.  Back inside to wash, package and pack.


Finally, off in the truck to drop off the shares—a long, but very satisfying journey!

Week 2 share: mixed leaf lettuce, green onions, red/yellow mixed baby onions, spinach, Swiss chard, radishes, pea sprouts, sprig peppermint, bunch Italian oregano. Added value products: dozen fresh, pastured eggs; cheesy herb bread fingers.

Fresh baked cheesy, herb bread fingers.


6 thoughts on “What Goes Into A CSA Share

  1. Nice share! We bought a share for the first time ever this year because our road trip will mean limited garden produce. Our share will allow us to buy in the late summer when we get home, and I hope will allow me to freeze and can some veggies. While on the road, I’ll be depending on farmers like you to get my veggie fix at farmstands and farmer’s markets. I’ll miss my garden, but I’m looking forward to visiting farmer’s markets from Maine to California.

  2. Lisa, Jason and Xena, my heart is soaring right now, enjoying these pictures. i’m craving the freshness inside those vegetables and i love how the mallard stopped by for a visit.
    these pictures are of a way of living that’s harmonious with nature.. the universes’ heart must be soaring just like mine is!

    • Thankfully, this is our flagship year with the CSA and we have only a few customers to ‘cut our teeth on’! We are busy working out the problems and bugs so that we can expand for next year!

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