Sunday Morning Quiet Thoughts


Morning dew on red Russian kale

Sunday morning quiet: no cars roaring past the house, in a hurry to get to work, late.  It rained in the night; everything is just slightly damp.  It’s a nice temperature, great for sitting out on the front porch taking it all in, thinking.  I love the way the air feels on mornings like this, almost like a cocoon; especially since there are very few manmade sounds.  Sound carries in this kind of atmosphere; Zeus (our Wyandotte rooster) is having a little chat this morning with a rooster across the way.  It’s comical; he crows, then when the other rooster answers, all the hens stop and look waiting for Zeus to speak again; to have the last word.


Blue Lake bush bean



The garden is busy, working to push up new seedlings.  Our first bush beans have broken ground and are working on second leaves.  It’s so satisfying to watch plants grow from seed; keeping an eye on them on a daily basis.  It really isn’t much different from watching children grow, is it?  We watch with anticipation that first set of true leaves, then we watch as they grow larger.  Anticipation of the first flower that will eventually swell into the much anticipated fruit!  Kind of like Sunday morning; quiet, slow, but steady; Mother Nature’s rhythm.  You must get in synch with that rhythm in order to see.


Edible pot #1: okra, kale, onions, nasurtiums

Edible pot #2: Roma tomato, 2 red mini-bell peppers, basil, nasturtiums



At the garden center this week, I worked in the vegetable department a couple of days.  Every year there are many questions from new gardeners and sometimes a tip or two from seasoned ones.  The most rewarding moment of the week?  A teen-aged girl who wanted to learn; she had read a book to get basic information and her mother (who knew nothing about gardening but was very supportive!) brought her in to buy some plants.  We chatted about the best way to begin, she chose strawberries, onion sets and a sweet bell pepper plant; and walked away with a huge grin.  Can’t you just imagine the big grin on Mother Nature’s face when a new generation yearns to get into rhythm with her?


Happy Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Quiet Thoughts

  1. We planted the same Kale this year! How is yours doing?

    Ours seems to only be doing so so…..though it did take off a tad after we got a good dousing of rain a few days ago (3 inches and counting with the wet stuff still coming down).

    • Well, I brought mine home from work and it sat on the porch in the pack until I planted it in the pot this weekend! So, yeah, it’s just kinda sittin’! We are having seriously weird weather though–hot one day, freezing the next. The plants are as confused as us!

      • We’ve had weird weather like that here too…..except more humidity than actual heat…..and 6 inches of rain in the last 3 days. Not complaining though….I promised that I would never complain about rain again after the drought we had a few years back!

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