Veggie Gardens in the Front Yard!

At work yesterday our mixed flower pots and hanging baskets began to come in to the sales area from the production greenhouse. All of the textures, colors and smells are so tantalizing this time of year. They are like works of art, in full bloom and ready to go home with someone to decorate their walkways, front porches and decks for the summer. Customers buy them up almot as quickly as we can set them out. I usually pot up my own, preferring to use the pre-potted ones as inspiration, adding my own touches. I love to be creative with them; using unusual combinations and unexpected textues. A co-worker and I were discussing Hibiscus plants and their fussiness, but she grows them every year anyway for their gorgeous flowers.

And that’s where my inspiration for this year’s pots happened! It hit me that okra has a wonderful flower similar to a Hibiscus! Hmmmmm, . . . . . . thoughts began to flow. I decided to issue myself a challenge for one large pot that I have–to plant up the pot with ONLY edibles, but make it interesting and beautiful enough that people would be happy to display it anywhere that they would usually use containers for their beauty. Over the evening, I came up with so many ways to use the edibles for their colors, textures, flowers, and scents that I think I’m going to fill all of my containers that way this year.

And here’s the fun part: I’m issuing a challenge to all of our blog readers and our Facebook fans to join us in this. Let’s see how creative all of you can be–pot up edibles that you would be proud to set on your front porch, grow them, eat from them, use them for conversation starters with your neighbors and visitors–even apartment dwellers can get in on this one. Let’s see how beautiful we can make them and how much food we can harvest from pots! Send us photos, stories, ideas and we’ll share them on Facebook and the blog. At the end of the season, we’ll post them all, have the community vote on the best ones and Raven Mist will supply an appropriate prize to be named later. So put on your thinking caps and get out your gloves and trowels and see what you an come up with! Here are just a few ideas I had to get your started: do a ‘theme’ pot; only salad items, (different lettuces would add amazing color and texture, green onions, radishes), regional plants (edibles native to your area), plantings for specific cuisines (ie: Italian–a Roma tomato, basil, oregano), you get the idea. You can email the farm with ideas, thoughts, and photos at

And on to what’s happening on the farm; I just had to share thiw one with you all! We were all out planting 50 strawberry plants last night, the little ones with us; Oriana at our feet diggin in the dirt with her little trowel. I looked down and her face was covered with mud–she decided to ‘taste’ the soil! Vickie took her into the house to clean her up, but didn’t make it to the bathroom before Xena stepped in and licked all the mud off her face and hands!


7 thoughts on “Veggie Gardens in the Front Yard!

  1. mercy that child is a fright, i hope you keep that shot for her 21st party! And what a fantastic idea to plant pots with gorgeous edibles. I will have to think on it! I still have a big empty pot just waiting too. You know the flowers of those tiny violet pansies are edible! or is that cheating!! c

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