Early Morning Images

Cabbage plants waiting to go into the garden

We had a nice, loud thunderstorm with a fair amount of rain in the night.  It’s still overcast this morning.  I love the way the light is on mornings like this, so I thought I’d just walk around the farm and share pictures this week.  Things are growing and greening up so quickly with this unseasonably warm weather–it’s overwhelming!


This peony plant I dug up early last year right after we moved in.  It was in a really bad spot, but my guess is that it’s almost as old as the house.  I thought that it had died, but I was delighted to discover it this morning in the pot where I had healed it in!  Now, to find an appropriate place for it.

Baby peach tree, loaded with blossoms

Zeus, Cesar and the girls

Hundreds of maple 'helicopters' waiting to plant themselves into the garden!!!!


Brandywine tomatoes; nice, sturdy stems!

Mortgage Lifter tomatoes

All those cold nights watching TV and making newspaper pots paid off! Just over 100 pepper plant seedlings!

Greek Oregano very happy in the herb bed.

I have several varieties of oregano in the herb bed, but the Greek variety is our favorite by far!  So much flavor!  If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!

Buckeye chicks--growing so fast!

Tomorrow our farm story is being featured on Old World Farm’s blog.  They do a feature on a different farm each week: very cool idea.  Their blog is always interesting!  Be sure to check it out.  I’ll post the link to the Raven Mist feature tomorrow!