What’s In A Name?

This is the 'mist' in Raven Mist


Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Albannach; as I listen to music, it eventually becomes background; my mind wanders to all sorts of subjects.  One of my favorite is, “I wonder how this band chose their name.  Does it mean something, was it random, . . . ?”

Not many trees out here, but isn't this one perfect silhouetted against the fog?

I woke up to the ‘mist’ part of Raven Mist.  We slept with the window open last night.  When I woke up early there was this wonderful, thick fog over the fields.  I had planned on sleeping in a little today, but the mist was calling to me!  We wake up quite frequently to this wonderful mist out here.  We wanted the name of the farm to reflect the spirit of the land and our spirits as well.  Mist fit both.


Jason and I both have Scottish ancestry (among a few other things, as most Americans!), but we are mostly Scottish.  In ancient times the Celts (who became Scots, Irish, Welsh, Brittan) believed that the mist was a ‘between’ place; a place where communion with the ancestors was easier–the mist was sacred.  I have MacGregor ancestry.  At one point in Scottish history, the very name MacGregor was banned; the English who were in control tried to wipe out the clan by making it ‘illegal’ to be MacGregor!  So, they ‘hid’ their name, went underground and became ‘The Children of the Mist’.

OK, so it's not a raven! Actually, I think this little guy is a starling, but Starling Mist just doesn't have the same ring, . . .

So, that’s the “Mist” part.  The “Raven” part is similar in that it has its roots in ancient Celtic lore.  Ravens were always present at battles and whenever there was chaos, which is where most people get the idea that they stood for scavenging and bad karma.  But in the Celtic world, they were present on the battlefields to carry the spirits of the fallen warriors to sacred space.  They represented the necessary chaos that comes to make way for the vision, wisdom, power and healing that comes after the chaos—they represent all of these things.  So that is the ‘raven’ part of our name.


Lots to do today:  we’re buying the lumber to finish the repair on the Greenhouse.  It’s simply way to windy out here to make it from PVC pipe—so we’re using structural lumber instead.  We have to order the plastic but it should get here quickly.  We need it right away, however!  The seedlings are growing up to touch the lamps already.  Time to move the lamps up a little, but I’d much rather see them outside in the natural light; makes them sturdier and a little less ‘leggy’.  Most of the seedlings have their first true leaves now, so this morning they’ll get some compost tea to get them up and running! 


Then we’re off to Jason’s parent’s house to cut up a couple of trees she had cut down—more firewood for us; and for a St. Paddy’s Day meal—YUM!  Vickie does this for the family every year and does a wonderful job.  Then I think we’re meeting back here at the farm for a bonfire and a little music.  We may drag out the bodhrans! 

And the band names?  Albannach means Scotsman in Gaelic (our favorite Scottish band–great tribal drums–the bodhran is the large, flat, hand-held one), The Pogues stands for pog ma thoin–Gaelic for ‘kiss my a**’ (an Irish punk band), and Flogging Molly–hmm, . . . have to look that one up (another Irish punk band).  Check them out on YouTube today for St. Paddy’s Day!



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