Everything We Never Knew We Wanted

Busy day around here yesterday, . . . we started off with relocating a large woodpile.  There had been a very large rabbit hanging out in the pile most of the winter.  Apparently he was living off of bark he stripped from some of the logs in the stack.  Note the teeth marks.

The seeds are finally beginning to take off.  We had some hot pepper sprouts, asparagus, sage and rosemary up yesterday, along with quite a few new tomatoes.  A few of the cabbage and Brussels sprouts have developed their second set of leaves, so they got a watering with compost tea.

Then we had a large, mostly dead tree taken down.  Jason continued to work on the woodpile.  I sat inside and watched from the kitchen window while I had a cup of tea and a nice visit with Jason’s mother.  The big, old tree had probably been standing in that spot almost as long as this old house has been standing here.  This tree has a big burl on the side.  I made sure the tree guys cut wide around it—I think I’ll turn it into a bowl, a nice tribute to the tree that shaded the house for so long.  And Jason is going to make a couple of table tops out of slices made from the large base of the old tree.  The shavings from the stump we’ll add to the driveway area to keep the mud down.  The rest will be cut up and set aside to cure and then used for firewood—nothing wasted.

Jason's tabletops

Lisa's burled wood bowl

By this time, it was late in the afternoon and still fairly warm out.  We decided to have our first outdoor, firepit fire of the season.  A friend we haven’t seen for a while called and wanted to stop by.  I thawed a couple of chickens out and put them in a cast iron pot with a little butter and honey and got a pot of coffee ready while Jason made a fire.  We let the chickens out of the run for their free range yard time.

We sat outside in the dusk, chicken cooking over the fire, coffee staying warm on a rock next to the fire, chatting with a friend about nothing:  Steaming hot coffee in hand, I looked out across the field, watching the chickens run around happily scratching out bugs and worms from the felled tree and the moved log pile.  I had one of those moments where time stands still for just a moment:  everything went silent; it was as though I was watching a movie. Only this wasn’t a movie, it was my life!  I said out loud to Jason, ‘you know, we are lucky enough to have a life that most people only dream about!’  He agreed—we both have exactly what we never knew we wanted!

And the icing on the cake?  When we shut the door to the chicken coop for the night, . . . Jason discovered the first 4 eggs from this flock of chickens!


2 thoughts on “Everything We Never Knew We Wanted

  1. Love your fire pit – we’d have to replace the coffee with hot chocolate though (no coffee drinkers here ha). Aren’t the first eggs always the best! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys make with the tree. We have a similar dead one right behind the house and I’ve wondered if we could make neat things from it once we take it down.

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