Occupy Our Food Supply: The Miracle of a Seed

Seeds, . . . how many of us stop to think about them?  Tiny little things they are, some so tiny, the only way to plant them is to spread them out over a large planting area and then thin the seedling when they sprout.  We plant them, they sprout, we harvest.


But stop for just a minute today and think, . . . think about the miracle of what is contained within that tiny little seed.  Encased within that little thing is all the information required to grow an adult plant that will reproduce seed for the next generation as well as nourish animals, other plant life and the earth itself; as well as all the nutrition needed for that tiny little plant to germinate, time enough for it to grow its own leaves and become independent, drawing life from the earth and then giving it back.  That’s a lot to contain within that tiny package.


Now think about how seeds get planted in the wild.  A plant grows, reproduces, and drops her seed.  That seed may fall directly to the ground below, or it may end up in the digestive system of one of the many creatures and be carried far away to be deposited in a new place altogether.  It may be carried on the wind.  They all, however, end up in the soil where they will lay until all conditions are perfect for germination.  They can lay dormant for years, decades and more sometimes.  Until, something magical signals that seed that it’s now time; and the plant is born, . . .  without the hand of man ever touching it.  Seeds don’t need our help or interference.  They don’t seem to mind helping us out, though.  We plant them for food, we save them and plant them year after year and they provide us with sustenance.


But sometimes, someone comes along and thinks that they can make the seed do something better; better flavor, more yield, tougher skin so we can transport them farther, resistance to certain diseases, and on and on, . . . . until that little seed no longer has the ability to produce viable seeds for the next generation.  Do we ever stop to wonder why a plant would not produce seeds that will continue that plant?  A plant preprogrammed NOT to survive?


Today is Occupy Our Food Supply day.  Just a little ‘food’ for thought.  Think about the food you choose to put in your body, the seeds you choose to grow for food supply.  Grow an heirloom plant from seed this year, save its seed for next year and share that seed with a neighbor.  It’s past time that we take our food supply back into our own hands!


6 thoughts on “Occupy Our Food Supply: The Miracle of a Seed

  1. Yes, absolutely! The idea that these greedy mega-corporations are producing sterile seed makes me sick to my stomach. Just yesterday, my son brought me a list of varieties produced by Semenis/Monsanto. I’ll share it with you: (www.agardenforthehouse.com/2012/02/forewarned-is-forearmed) I will be sure to avoid purchasing any of these this year. We do try to plant open pollinated types as often as possible at our farm. We produce food for 75 local customers, 2 farmer’s markets, a couple of greengrocers and a corporate cafeteria. Buy local!

    • Yes, I’ve seen the list and have one printed out! I was going to plant one of their tomatoes for my mother in law. She’ll have to be happy with another variety this year! Will continue to pass it along to others, thanks!

      Awesome that you are feeding so many! Good for you. We have a few CSA families lined up this year as well as a few more signed up for our online Farm Market. Am working on making a deal with a new start-up restaurant too.

      People are getting on board in droves in our area!

  2. so much great information! thanks for breaking it down and sharing. especially these questions; they are indeed thought provoking:
    “Do we ever stop to wonder why a plant would not produce seeds that will continue that plant? A plant preprogrammed NOT to survive?”

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