The Smell of Dirt


Chinese cabbage seedlings


What is it about the smell of the soil?  You know that smell, right?  Close your eyes, feel the warmth of the springtime sun on your face, take a deep breath, . . . you can smell the ‘warmth’, the humidity, whether the soil is ‘sour’ or ‘sweet’. 


Well, it’s not quite time yet!  While we’ve had an unusually warm winter with very little snow, this morning it’s very cold! The chickens are all huddled up inside their coop today.  They ventured out for a bit very early to grab what they could to eat from their yard.


Our seed starting area


I’ve spent the early morning hours in the seed starting room today.  The ‘smell’ is in there.  I took my time, letting it all soak in.  I can lose hours of time in the garden. ( Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson) Jason and I have planted somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 seeds over the last few weekends.  We have begun our tomatoes and peppers.  Jason is growing 10 different varieties of hot peppers this year.  He has decided to develop his own hot sauce and pickled pepper recipes this year!  I’m so excited!  I just love cooking with hot peppers!  We’ve also started 2 crops of cabbage and Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and okra.  We have tons of tiny little cabbage sprouts already and the okra is just beginning to break through the surface.  It’s so exciting to walk in that room and see tiny little green sprouts; the promise that winter will soon be over!



Xena keeping watch, as usual



4 thoughts on “The Smell of Dirt

  1. Xena and Lisa, keep up the good work! i love the Emerson quote, its so true. i also love seeing Xena in your pictures!

    I’m a huge fan of anything to do with hot sauce, from making salsa, to adding garden fresh hot hot hot peppers into a jar of dill pickles!! (my favorite snack!!)
    way to go Jason! i’m sure it will be a unique taste with all the time you’ve spent in “N’orleans”.
    (Lisa, make HIM taste it first) lol ❤

  2. It’s so neat to find someone who shares in the passion of starting seeds and the joy it brings. All of our ornamental pepper seeds are now up and struggling to the lights above – and our hot pepper seeds are just poking through – such a great time! Good luck on the garden this year!

    Jim and Mary

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