Let the Work Begin!


Most of us! Vickie, Rachael, Jessee, Beth, Lisa and Haran (Rachael's son)


A little more help on the farm is on the way! Jason’s dad, Nick is offering his expertise with poultry.  He worked his way through college working with commercial chicken and turkey operations. Lisa’s daughter, Beth has recently made some career changes and will be joining us from time to time to help out.




She’s working on getting her natural body products company up and running. She makes soaps, lotions, lip balms and other awesome things from natural ingredients. We’ll be working together to grow some of the herbs that she’ll be including in her products. Keep watching for news on her web launch! Beth also is an amazing baker and will be selling some of her goodies through our online farmer’s market. We will be selling there as soon as we get to that first harvest. If you are local to the Springboro, Ohio area check out the online market and join us for fresh produce, pastured eggs, body products, baked goods, duck and duck eggs and turkeys so far. We’re hoping to add more growers as we go. It’s easy to open up a buyer’s account and it’s FREE! You only pay for what you buy. Sign up now at www.swohio.locallygrown.net and you’ll get an email when we have products up and ready to sell in the spring. (Not local to us, but interested in online markets? Go to www.locallygrown.net and find a market where you live!)

Enough with the ‘commercial’! So, on to the ‘farm news’ for the week! More pictures of the chickens–they are just fascinating to watch. They are busy eating and playing and making manure for the compost pile. As I look out the kitchen window at them this morning, they are chasing each other around fighting over little tidbits of bread Jason threw out as a treat.  The hens should begin laying soon.  Which brings us to the work of this evening; we have too many roosters, so tonight; with Nick and Beth’s help we’ll be culling our little flock of all but 2 of the roosters.  It’s a tough thing to do, but it’s a necessary part of the process.  It certainly has made us much more aware of ‘the real cost’ when we must buy meat at the grocery.  It brings more of an awe and reverence at the table.

The compost pile has been turned in all this unexpected warm weather we’ve had–it’ll be ready to go when we plant in a few weeks. Last weekend we started some of the warm weather crops indoors so they’ll be ready to go when the soil warms up enough in May.  Resting time is pretty much over; as the daylight gets longer, the work gets longer too.

Oh yeah, and we’re also growing a small crop of kids on the farm this year! LOL! These are Beth’s kids (my grandkids). Meet farmers in training Oriana and Keirnan:

Vickie with Keirnan and Oriana

And their Daddy and Beth’s husband Jessee. (He’ll be helping out when he has a little time also.)

And not to forget Jason’s mother, Vickie; she offers much help as well.  She has helped out with hunting out seeds (helping to chose some of the varieties of various crops), much moral support, helping to make this old house livable for us, and most importantly keeping a watchful eye over the little ones when needed!

And then there’s Rachael, Jason’s sister.  We thought she was nuts when she brought home chickens, . . . . 😉 .




2 thoughts on “Let the Work Begin!

  1. you are all doing such an amazing job!
    congratulations Beth…can’t wait to see, smell, feel your new products!
    (and way to go Rachael, what will you bring home next? lol)

    those little farmers in training, however, are sitting down on the job…whats up with that?!!

    good luck with the culling. i know it will be hard.
    try to remember they grew up running, playing, scratching, sunbathing, and napping… not crammed in stacked cages void of all these things they crave and deserve. they are the lucky ones because they have enjoyed freedom. 🙂

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