First Day of Gardening Season 2012!



Yesterday and today—the coldest days of this winter in our area:  temperature 0 degrees Fahrenheit!  There is snow on the ground, just a dusting but snow nonetheless.  We’ve hung heat lamps in the chicken coop as a safety measure. 


But, . . . it’s planting time!  Yesterday morning Jason and I began planting up some of our seed trays.  We’ve begun the season with tomatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and a few Tabasco pepper seeds that we’re anxious to try in our growing zone.  We have much more to plant, but had to stop to help his sister and her fiancé move to their new digs.  (Why does moving day always bring the most inclement weather possible?)  Today we are chilled to the bone and tired!  The plan for the day?  After we take care of the chickens, we are going to sit on the couch, watch movies and make newspaper seed pots—we need more pots!  We have 8 more varieties of peppers on the way.  They’ll go into the paper pots so that when it’s time to plant them out; less transplant shock. 



Xena 'supervising'


We’re also going to use the paper pots to plant up some extra seeds to sell as bedding plants in the spring.  If you’re local to us (Germantown, Ohio), keep watching and follow Raven Mist on Twitter and Facebook.  We’ll be posting and tweeting daily in the season to let you all know what is ready to go here at the farm!  And don’t forget to set up your account at our online farm market.  When the first harvest of the season is ready, you’ll get an email that the market is open.  You log on, choose your products for the week and they will be delivered to the pick up spot in Springboro!  Want more information?  Contact us!






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