Ice and Fog


View of the back of the house from the field


As always, new adventures await weekly on the farm.  On Friday night, we had an ice storm; rain falling from the sky and freezing as it hit the ground. The ice made just a simple walk out to the chicken coop a difficult task; slipping and sliding all the way.  Saturday was a ‘stay inside and plan’ day.  I finalized laying out the gardens—the market garden, the family garden, the chicken space, the pumpkin patch, and the area where we are growing living Christmas trees in containers.  I gathered together the rest of the seed orders that I need to get.  It was so cold out!  We spent 2 days trying to keep our pipes from freezing (as well as ourselves! LOL!).  We had to pour boiling water into the bathtub to keep the drain for it open—it kept freezing up on us. 


And also, as always, money is a little tight; tighter right now due to spending almost a month’s worth of paycheck to have the truck repaired, sigh, . . . Anyway, that’s why we have chickens!  Our little flock is just over 4 months old and we purposely had too many roosters so that we could have table meat this winter.  So yesterday, we culled the flock of 3 extra roosters.  They weighed in at about 2.5 to 3 pounds each.  We’re having one for dinner tonight; and of course I have all the bones and feet to cook up some stock for another day.


Today I spent the first part of the day deciding on companion plantings and the beauty parts of the gardens—even though we plan to make at least part of our living off the farm, we do live here and want our surroundings to be beautiful, relaxing and appealing to wildlife as well.  There is a little known movie that inspires me as I plan today:  Uncle Nino.  If you get a chance to see this, please do.  Uncle Nino comes from Italy to visit his nephew and shows them how to slow down, plant a European style garden and enjoy family and life.  You can find it here in its entirety on YouTube or it’s available on DVD.


We decided to take a much needed break this afternoon.  Temperatures began to rise a little and we watched as fog rolled in across the fields around us.  We bundled up and took Xena for a walk into the foggy afternoon—beautiful and so peaceful.  Sundays are quiet around here—very few cars on the busy road in front of the house.  Xena was in heaven as we threw her tennis ball ahead of us for her to chase.  She caught the scent of who knows how many interesting creatures along the way!  Being out in nature just has a way of reminding us of what really matters.



Xena always at attention and taking it all in


, . . . and Xena just happy and having fun



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