Winter is for Inspiration

As in many other part of the country, winter hit here Thursday in full force!  Thank goodness we finished the chicken coop!  While it’s still cold in the coop, it is up off the ground—the chickens are now high and dry.  I had so much fun watching them explore the snow.  Thursday afternoon as I was preparing dinner, there was a driving snow.  I watched them from the window.  They were curious; at first standing on the frame of the door, then getting braver and one cock jumping down to the ground.  Soon the others followed and then they were all outside, scratching and pecking—life going on in chicken world as usual!  Jason had run into town for a while.  When he returned he wondered out loud why it hadn’t snowed in the chicken yard!  LOL!  They just scratched it all up.

It’s much colder today—they were out for 30 minutes, then I chased them back in to the dry coop.  They are much like children and needed to be run back inside to safety where their water is not frozen and they are not in danger of frostbite.

It’s a few weeks too early to begin planting seeds yet and other than taking care of the chickens, not much going on around the farm right now.  So, . . . the winter is creative time for us.  Both Jason and I are artists.  Jason is a special effects make-up artist and has been inspired this week by the SyFy series Face-Off; a contest for artists to showcase their talents in a weekly contest, one person eliminated each week until only one is left standing at the end of the season.  So this morning, he got out his supplies and created a severed finger:

I do colored pencil paintings and some calligraphy.  It has been quite a while since I’ve done a complete and finished piece, but here is the last one that I completed for a show that I participated in last summer.

, . . . . and so, back to the drawing board for the rest of the weekend!  Here’s to a creative week for all!


6 thoughts on “Winter is for Inspiration

  1. wow, your painting is stunning, and so real it actually made me HUNGRY, and feel like i was looking out that window…. And so is Jason’s newest severed finger, ((stunning and real i mean.)) it did NOT make me hungry rotfl

    I hang on your words and adventures, so thank you… bless your heart that you take such great care of them, making sure their tender feet don’t get frostbite; so very important to chickens and turkeys. i love that jason calls them “poofy” when they look happy and healthy. it is such a great word! 🙂
    ……and finally, i love the part about jason asking why it didn’t snow in the coop………… (our first farm winter, i wondered why it didn’t snow in small paddock… horses tramped it ❤

  2. You are artists too! Wonderful stuff, both of you! I am a jewelry artist, and in the winter months I teach metalsmithing classes at our local community college, at a gallery, and in my home. Keeps the cash flow going when I’m not farming! Glad you got the coop up on time! Your chickens look happy in the snow. We still haven’t got any yet! Just coooold! below zero last night again for the second night in a row.

    • Wow! Talk about parallel lives! LOL! I play around with wire work and natural stone crystals when I have time also. Would love to get into the metalsmithing, but, . . there is only so much time in life, eh?!

  3. Love the artwork! The severed finger definitely looks real….before I read about it, my initial thought was “ewww, wonder what happened!”

    There is no snow on our horizons….I have no idea how our chickens would react to it, they do enjoy the rain (even when it is freezing outside). Loved seeing your girls out and about. 🙂

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