Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?

I was working on a post this weekend about how exciting it is to go through seed catalogs after the holidays to while away those long, cold, dark days of winter. Cecilia’s post goes beyond what I was trying to convey and I could not say it better–well worth the read. Thanks Cecilia.


Put your hands in the soil every day.

This was my grandmothers advice. She was discussing with me how I should behave when I became a wife.  I was being brought up to be a good wife. There was no discussion from the women in my family, about  following my heart or whether I had some wonderful talent or even really having a job, I could start as a nurse or teacher if I must, but most of the discussion from my mother and grandmother was on how to run a house, how to cook, how to raise my children and how to be a good wife.   And this was in the 1970’s.

However a lot of my grandmother’s advice does hold true.  All my life I have put my hands in the soil and this has kept me grounded, literally as well as figuratively.  It works.

Yesterday we…

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