Making Do and Duct Tape

What a season we’re having here!  We have had so much rain that it looks like we’re living in the middle of a bog!  Our fields and those around us are completely flooded, inclucing the chicken’s yard.  We were housing them for this winter in the newly constructed greenhouse but, . . .  a few weeks ago when the rains began we had a little mini-tornado that ripped the plastic sheeting and twisted the PVC support poles.   So we made do–we covered the top of what was left of the greenhouse with a tarp held down with tent stakes; intended only as a temporary measure until we could get the chicken coop built.

Meanwhile the truck decided it could no longer wait for a costly repair.  We took the truck to a good friend who offered to do the work at a price we could afford.  Problem?  He doesn’t have a garage–and it’s been raining and raining and raining!  We cannot go to the lumber yard for the supplies we needed to finish the coop without our truck.  The tarp was doing its job, although we were having to dump water off of it daily.  It was warm enough and the chickens were happily scratching for all the worms coming up to the surface for air.  Suddenly Mother Nature decided it was indeed winter, however.  We were worried that the chickens would get frostbite on their feet from standing in the mud (that we now sink in up to our ankles), so after work we got busy figuring out how to fix the mess and protect the chickens.

We had one hour of daylight left.  First we rumaged through the junk pile.  (Anyone who has ever lived out like this understands that the ‘junkpile’ is not just an eyesore–its stuff you might need, right?)  We laid 2 pallets out on the ground in the greenhouse and added boards to make a solid floor. Then we put in a couple of cinder blocks and more boards to make a dry roost.   Remember that furnace duct box I took out when I demolished the closet in the kitchen?  It went in to for a nesting area.  Next we added 2 bales of pine shavings.  Then, the duct tape!  We taped what was left of the poles together to make a better support for the tarp, taped the sheeting together the best that we could and reset the tarp.

Jason went out to let the chickens out in the morning, opened the greenhouse door and voila!  The greenhouse was once again dry and warm, the chickens high and dry, healthy and happy!

Another crisis averted by, . . . duct tape!


6 thoughts on “Making Do and Duct Tape

  1. I know what you mean about the junk heap. I bet those chooks were glad. I have just closed the big doors on mine in preparation for the winter, we are pretty lucky as we have big old sheds and the barn. The ground is frozen solid now, so any rain would NOT be welcome, it would be ice.. c

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