It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Our first Christmas on the farm!  The house still has a LONG way to go in the renovation process, but we’ve managed to pack up the tools and building supplies for a few weeks so that we can kick back and enjoy the season.

We got the tree up and decorated.  This year we’re using an artificial tree that we already had.  This will probably be the last year that we use it.  The antique trunk belonged to Jason’s grandad.  His dad refinished it this year just in time for the season.  We’ll be adding a quilt and maybe a teddy bear to the top for a little more warmth.

The stairway  opposite the tree.  We added white pine garland and white lights–LOVE that pine smell!  And you can see Xena taking a nap on the couch! LOL!

A little Christmas for the kitchen–a live wreath decorated with tin cookie cutters tied with curling ribbon.  It hangs on the newly exposed brick chimney.

The fridge in its new home where we removed the old furnace closet.  We opened up the kitchen sooo much with this simple move!  The wreath is cleverly concealing the hole where the furnace vent used to be.

I rumaged through my tiny fabric stash and came up with an old bedsheet and enough fabric for the hems for curtains in the kitchen.  The napkins draped over the top belonged to Jason’s grandmother.  The ornaments hanging in the windows light up at night–very cozy!

Clove studded apples and a candle for the kitchen table.

For dinner:  homemade Irish soda bread, still warm from the oven, with

, . . . slow simmered lentil stew made with left-overs from the fridge.

One of our baby blue spruce trees practising for its future life as a living Christmas tree when it gets a little bigger!


2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Scrolling through your pictures…

    “ooooo clove apples!”

    “oooooo homemade bread!” (wow even better!)

    “OOOOOO lentle soup!” (can I come over for supper????) haha!


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