Waking Up to Frost

So, . . . this is what I woke up to this morning–serious frost and a heavy fog that has lasted late into the morning.  Summer is officially over!  Unfortunately, I waited to long to harvest and dry the last of the oregano for the season, but isn’t the frost beautiful on it’s leaves?!

It’s been a frustrating week around the farm this week.  We’ve gotten the floor ready in the house and the pad ready for the stove to go in.  Then, when we laid out the parts to begin that project, we discovered that we didn’t have all the parts that we needed, sigh.  Another trip out to our stove dealer a half hour away.  We loaded up and began the drive.  As we got closer, the gages on the truck began to go haywire.  To make a long story short, we got the part, then the truck lost all power!  Thankfully, Jason’s sister lives nearby and came to the rescue.  What would we all do wthout family and friends?

Alright, today we’ll be working on the truck and getting that stove up and running–it’s COLD out there!

All is well, though.  After I took pictures of the frost this morning, I came in to a steaming hot cup of Pecan Praline coffee made on the stovetop in our camping pot. (Oh yes, the coffee maker died this week too!)  Not to worry though, the stovetop pot is very ‘farmhouse’, don’t you think?

Jason got our compost bin togeher this week.  He found 3 skids free on Craigslist, screwed them together and lined it with chicken wire to contain it all.  (Gotta love that free section on Craigslist!)  The chickens continue to grow; they’re 7 weeks old and are eating everything in sight!  We jokingly call them our flock of piranhas!

I let the chicks out this morning, like I usually do; Xena out with them to keep those hungry hawks away.  She barks at them and plays with them, but I check out the window occasionally, to make sure it isn’t the hawk she’s barking at.  Jason knows this; and he knows that I’m afraid of Michael Myers–you know, from Halloween?  So, anyway, when I went to look out the bathroom window to check on the chicks, this is what I encountered:

Would’ve been a little scarier had I discovered it at night, but very cool anyway! LOL!

Even with life’s little setbacks, a good week all in all!

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Waking Up to Frost

  1. Hi saw your post on Bealtaine Cottage-permaculture cottage
    GOOD LUCK AND MANY BEST WISHES TO YOU. My sweetheart and I are moving from Queens, NYC to co. Kerry or co.Clare in Ireland in the next year. AFTER we complete PERMACULTURE class in Kinsale Co. Cork. We will rent until we decide where to live. He is from Kerry so in 3 years I am EU citizen(that’s why I married him–I always tell him :). We will buy 5 acres: 1 Kerry cow for “real” milk, goats, sheep, chickens(he wants peacocks too LOL) and hopefully if Sean will agree, an Irish Wolf Hound and not be forgotten MY Beautiful tuxedo cat who brings so much joy to our lives (in a 500sq ft apt.WHAT A PREDATOR–world’s smartest cat)
    all the best to you in your renovation. Will be watching your posts w/ interest.

    • Wow, Deirdre! Talk about ‘living the dream–’Ireland!! Most days we love what we’re doing; but it does get tough at times. The days when money is short and we’re constantly living with dust and tools in the way, . . . . then people like you come along and we remember why we’re doing it! LOL! Thanks, and best of luck to you. Am looking forward to hearing more of your story as it develops!

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