Odds and Ends of Fall

Not too much to report for this week.  The chickens are continuing to grow–thankfully!  We did lose one this past week to either a hawk or falcon.  We have seen both hovering around the area lately.  We now let Xena out whenever we have the chickens loose in the yard–she’s a wonderful deterrent to the raptor birds!  Soon, the hawks will get frustrated enough to move on, and the chickens will be too large for them to mess with.

In the meantime, we’ll harvest the very last of the garden today.  All we have left are small pie pumpkins and a few last stray tomatoes.  We didn’t plant potatoes and onions this year; we had such a loooong, wet spring it was just not possible.

The biggest news this week is in the house itself.  We’ve finally gotten time to work on the living room floors, YAY!  We’ve been living with bare plywood since we moved in back in March.  We layed New England pine this weekend; we’re halfway across the living room.  Since there’s no room to move all the furniture out, we’re doing half this week and half next week.  We chose the front half to do first, so that we can install our new pellet stove in that area–priority–it’s getting COLD out there! We’re going to leave the wood as is and finish it with a product called Waterlox.  I’ve never used this before, but it’s gotten rave reviews by people who have.  We’ll keep you posted


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