Chicks and a Greenhouse

This week we got the door built and installed on the greenhouse.

Xena as always supervised and kept watch over the whole affair!  We had planned on finishing up this project over the weekend, but the chicks had other plans.  They decided on Wednesday that the cardboard brood box was too small!  They were beginning to roost on the waterer and the sides of the boxes.  So, . . . the greenhouse completion was moved up a few days.

Then we moved the teenaged chickens in.  They’re much happier in their larger quarters!  And now we are weaning them off of baby chick feed and they’re happily scratching and digging for bugs and eating the foliage available to them.  This week, we’ll install fencing around the greenhouse so that they can wander in and out, foraging as well as tilling and fertilizing the area for us.

And, . . . work on the farmhouse itself continues.  We bought our Harman wood pellet stove this week.  It’s sitting in the living room waiting patiently to be installed—the chicks had to come first.  Yes, we lived last winter without heating!  We used a couple of ceramic heaters, LOTS of layers, and an electric mattress pad to keep from freezing!  We are so excited about our stove!  But first things first; we have to lay the floor and build a heat proof pad under the stove area.  Busy, busy, busy–the cold is on it’s way!


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